P3VA Virtual Business Solutions ~ Case Studies

I enjoy working as a Virtual Assistant & consider myself very lucky as I work with different & talented clients providing many diverse services. Being a good organiser & multi-tasker means I enjoy the variety of tasks each day brings. I’ve been fortunate as all my clients have been interesting & great to work with – trusting me to assist them in improving their day to day efficiency & productivity as well as developing their overall business practices & strategies.

The following case studies provide an overview of how I have assisted clients with the services I offer.

CASE STUDY ICON 1Independent Recycling & Renewable Energy Consultant

The Client ~ My client is a London based freelance consultant who works for both the public & private sectors.

This opportunity involved a handover from another VA who was financially able to take a career break! As there was no delegation necessary with my client during the consultation, the work was a straightforward transfer process.

Service provided

Online research for statistical data – processing information into graphics for presentations (charts, graphs using Excel & importing into Powerpoint).

Creating, editing & formatting word documents with TOC’s for easy access when viewing.

Consultancy & Project meetings take up a lot of my client’s time. She often records meetings for me to transcribe to a word document which is then used for updating documents & sending to clients via email.

This project amounted to approximately 3 hours per week (give or take a few hours). This highlights the cost-effective benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant. You only pay for the time needed to complete the tasks.

(This service is provided on an ad hoc basis on an hourly rate & invoiced monthly)

Client Benefit

My client refers to me as her ‘go to’ person for business support.

I also have a great deal of experience in Microsoft works & she trusts me to provide her with a high standard of work with regards to documentation/presentations. She knows she can trust me & that I will complete tasks with the utmost professionalism & confidentiality.


My client has developed a sound client base & she attributes this to having great business support. She works extremely long hours, however, she is now in a position where she can take long vacations (over a month) at least twice a year.

CASE STUDY ICON 2Health & Beauty Therapist

The Client ~ My client is an Essex based Health & Beauty Therapist & has worked in the industry for over 10 years.

I met her 7 years ago, & although she had numerous qualifications & undergone extensive training & had set up a therapy room to work from home, she was overwhelmed with the amount of work needed to market her services.

Service provided

Complete re-branding.

Designed a new logo

Designed & created a new website (which has been revamped 3 times since)

Designed & arranged printing of business cards, leaflets & gift vouchers.

Created & printed consultation forms.

Designed/created an email template in Mailchimp to publish company news & updates via newsletters.

(This service was provided on a monthly retainer package at a discounted rate for 20 hours pm but is now on an ad hoc basis)

Client Benefit

As a result of re-branding, my client was set up with a new website & able to offer deals via ‘deal-of-the-day recommendation service’ websites & build her client base.


My client, having worked incredibly hard promoting her services via Social Media initially, has developed a good client base & has regular work/clients & many referrals. She no longer needs to market her services online and only requires newsletters (via Mailchimp) on an ad hoc basis.

CASE STUDY ICON 3Financial Director/Advisor

The Client ~ A London-based Independent Financial Director/Advisor with experience in a number of sectors including Finance, Sales & Marketing, Housing & Recruitment. He provides independent financial advice to personal & corporate clients on insurance & investment, pensions, mortgages & life cover.

Service provided

Diary & email management, effectively following up & responding to as appropriate within the agreed timelines.

Book appointments & liaising with clients.

Organise meetings, prepare & provide documentation to all attendees & ensure that the relevant documentation is distributed in advance.

Document creation, formatting & editing for reports, plans & reference documents & presentations.

Database management

(This service was provided on a monthly retainer package at a discounted rate for 40 hours pm)

Client Benefit

He was able to concentrate more effectively on client proposals/plans & provide a more structured service & as a result secured more referrals.


Since I started working with my client, he has had more time to focus & plan his ‘trip of a lifetime’ to South America – which he is now experiencing!

The above is a mere illustration of the clients I have worked with & doesn’t reflect all the services I offer, so if what you require isn’t listed here then please contact me or see what other services I offer here. Hopefully, this has provided examples of what’s possible in working with a Virtual Assistant.

I am based in Essex but work remotely for my clients from wherever they are based.

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